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Most Improvement Initiatives fail
because they lack one key ingredient.


Shohei Ohtani, the best baseball player in the world, uses this method to improve.

The Harada Method

The Harada Method is the “World’s best process on day-to-day management to develop people to their fullest capability.” It is a sport’s analogy and teaches a leader how to be a highly successful coach, bringing out the best from their employees.
Whether you have a desire to become the best you can be, or you want to bring out the best in others this training is for you. Take the online course as a quick introduction to the method. If you would like to bring this method to your entire organization, connect with us below.

Consulting and Coaching Services

George Trachilis leads the only team of certified coaches outside of Japan. This team of coaching professionals is ready to coach and develop everyone in your organization. The untapped potential is endless. Coaching your leadership team to turn their focus outwardly towards becoming a servant leader propels everyone in that direction. It takes twenty times longer to develop people than to improve a process. Isn’t it time we start with the right focus?

Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels

Lean leadership development is not new but rarely implemented with a systematic approach. George Trachilis a professional engineer with thirty years of Lean experience. George is co-founder, along with Jeffrey K. Liker, of the Global Leadership Institute. They collaborated to produce an online course called The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, which became the book, Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels. The course and book received the Shingo Research Award in 2016 for advancing knowledge in Lean and leadership. Connect with George to discuss.

Harada Method Certification Program

The Harada Method is a system for creating self-reliance. It is all about developing your skills towards excellence and mastery (using a coach). Shohei Ohtani used this system to become the best baseball player in the world. This system has been voted the best in standard manpower (or day-to-day management) by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). Norman Bodek (1932-2020) discovered the method and met with Takashi Harada in Japan. They agreed to bring this system to the west. In February 2022, George Trachilis and Takashi Harada agreed to bring the power of this system to all English-speaking businesses around the globe.

Your Company's Lean Leadership Summits

Global leadership conferences were put on hold during 2020 and 2021, but now they are back. Regardless of the exotic location your leadership team wants to go, George will take you there. Past summits have been held throughout the U.S., Japan, and Santorini, Greece. Many of the attendees are experts themselves and are asked to speak at the events. This along with keynotes by Ritsuo Shingo, the son of Shigeo Shingo, and George Trachilis makes this a unique and unforgettable event. Ask about our next event date and location and receive pricing by connecting directly with George.

Custom Executive Coaching Program

On-site or remote coaching with George is an experience that is remembered for years. Executive coaching provides the most rewarding experience. George enlists experts from around the world to assist in solving your specific problem in your specific industry.

The Harada method is learned by all. Executive coaching also includes; gathering information and giving feedback, identifying development opportunities, building awareness, facilitating solutions by asking powerful questions. setting goals and creating action plans, facilitating learning, supporting and encouraging to look at the long term, monitoring progress, and holding all accountable.

On-demand Coaching for your Leaders

George’s vision was to travel the world while consulting over the internet. He shared his vision on Youtube many years ago. Having achieved his dreams using the Harada method, George is determined to give everyone the advantage he had. He had best coaches in the world in your corner.

He inspires leaders to focus outwardly to being of service to their employees and at home. By helping leaders break out of the selfishness trap and becoming a servant leader to others ends up giving them the advantage they were looking for. All leaders should know that being a kind leader is the kind of leader that accelerates loyalty and change. Lead by example, go to the Gemba, respect for all, develop teamwork, and improve deliberately every day.

Remote Keynote Workshops

Sometimes we need that extra push! Meetings are done on-demand, when you need them, and with surgical-like precision to challenge your team. The process for getting started is easy, join a 25-minute free consultation, after you describe the problem you want to solve, George will prescribe a no-obligation series of activities for you to execute.

Let’s assume at this point you are sold on having George, or one of his Harada experts, join your team’s development journey. Then it’s quite an easy transition, you can pay-as-you-go. Book a meeting and then you can pay right after the meeting is booked. Isn’t it awesome! You have access to the world’s best Lean coach available to you on-demand. A receipt will follow.

Success stories

These are key stories related to the implementation of the Harada Method and George’s executive coaching program.

Pricing Package

Our standard consulting rate is 4,800 USD per day. These are unique times where our consultants prefer to work from home. They have found that spending more time with family is worth taking a pay reduction. Our certification courses are available at a small fraction of what it would cost for on-site development. For teams of eight or more going through the learning we are currently giving a twenty-five percent discount on our certification prices.

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