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This course offers you the opportunity to learn the secrets of lean leadership through an education model that is itself lean, and extends that lean education far beyond the course materials. It is designed to fit your life and specific needs, offering the best possible value and education.

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The Harada Method is the "World's best process on day-to-day management to develop people to their fullest capability." It is a sport's analogy and teaches a leader how to be like a highly successful coach, bringing out the best from their employees.

It also teaches you how to be a winner at work. Learn how to love Monday's and be excited about your job.

Takashi Harada was a junior high school track and field coach at the worst school in Osaka, Japan. After many years studying the world's best coaches, he created a totally new methodology to uplift his students. The school went from the lowest rated to the highest rated out of 380 schools and the students won 13 gold medals - number one in all of Japan. In 1980, Harada opened a consulting and training company in Tokyo and has trained over 60,000 people at close to 300 companies.

Norman Bodek often called the "Godfather of Lean," had Mr. Harada's training material translated into English, co authored a new book with Mr. Harada, and has taught over 1000 people in the West the Harada Method. He teaches the Harada Method at Portland State University and also runs bi-monthly certification workshops in Portland, Oregon. This new "on-line" Harada Method course is now available through George Trachilis and the Lean Leadership Institute.

For those that would like to become certified Harada trainers please contact George Trachilis ( for details

For organizations that would like to implement the Harada Method system for personal excellence, call George at (204) 880-6363.

Welcome to the most powerful day-to-day management system in the world!

clock Administered in 15-minute sessions.
Online and on-demand, the course can be taken from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, and on any computer or smartphone with internet access.

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What course to select?

Why a “White Belt” course and what is it?

A White Belt course (and it’s certificate) represents that the student completed the material on their own. The student watches the videos, does the quizzes and emails the homework to After all of the requirements are met, the student gets a PDF CERTIFICATE (Sample)

This White Belt option is a great option where the student has an external coach (outside of the Lean Leadership Institute). Both Student and Coach should get access to the White Belt course and use it to self develop as well as coach and develop others. Enjoy, and use all of our courses as a platform to create your own coaching business and spread your good work across the world.

We welcome LLI Partners from everywhere on the globe, contact for more information on how to set up your own business using our materials.

Why a “Yellow Belt” course?

A Yellow Belt course represents completion of our online course with a coach. More specifically, with a Lean Leadership Institute coach. You will receive 8 hours of coaching over the period of time it takes for you to complete the course. You will also receive a “Challenge” given to you by your coach to complete, before you receive your PDF CERTIFICATE (Sample)

Why a “Green Belt” course?

The Green Belt represents some proficiency in the course. You will receive 20 hours of coaching, and you must complete a project or Challenge that you and your coach agree upon. Having successfully completed everything to your coach’s satisfaction, you will receive the certificate.

Do you qualify for a “Black Belt” course?

Please contact to identify your needs past a Green Belt level. All individuals are assessed based on their experience, education, desire, and purpose behind wanting a Black Belt certificate. Should they be accepted and paired up with the right coach, they will then make payment and get started on a 6 month journey with 40 hours of coaching by an LLI certified coach.

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